Self-initiated discovery, in the Elementary years

Our Lower Elementary Program is for children 6 to 9 years of age. Some of the learning materials in the Montessori Elementary classroom are extensions of the materials used in the Pre-Primary classroom. The same math hierarchy materials are used to multiply and divide by more than one digit. Also, new materials are introduced to help students make the transition from concrete representation of concepts to abstract representation on paper. They do this at their own pace and by following their strongest interests.

The Montessori certified teacher can translate any student’s personal interest into all the curriculum areas. An interest in an animal can lead to biology, habitat, country research, math, geography, handwriting, grammar, literature, history, and art. The Lower Elementary classroom is permeated with cultural research and writing experiences. Students use weekly work plans to ensure a balanced curriculum and to help them learn time management.

Our Upper Elementary/Middle School Program is for children 9 to 15 years of age. The curriculum is a complete Montessori program and is taught by a certified Montessori teacher. This program includes a research library, student presentations of research papers, concrete hands-on experiences and lessons in science, history, geography, math, geometry, language, arts, and grammar. Both cooperative learning and individualized lessons are utilized. Emphasis is on greater language skills, independent learning, and responsible group membership, including conflict resolution skills. Spanish is taught as a spoken and written language.