Pre-Primary (ages 3-6)

This classroom is for children 3 to 6 years of age. Staff to child ratio is 1 to 10. The curriculum consists of a complete Montessori program and is taught by trained Montessori teachers. The materials are available on low shelves, including exercises in Practical Life, the refinement of the senses, written and oral language, geography, science, and number skills. The lessons are individualized, and include small group lessons. Emphasis is on developing concentration, independence, and responsible group membership. The morning program includes outdoor time as weather permits, and snack when each child wishes to eat it.

Following lunch and nap time, the afternoon program includes choices in the Montessori curriculum plus music, art, and cultural experiences from around the world.

Have you ever wondered about your child’s day at school? Parents & Family Members are invited to join us for Parent Night, once in the fall and once in the spring. Parents will have an opportunity to observe their children at work with the Montessori Materials, in a respectful, quiet, and excited atmosphere. The children get excited about sharing their work and school life with their parents, and the parents become a part of their children’s growth and school experience. This event gives the parent a clearer picture of what the child experiences on a daily basis.