Inspired Parents

What RMMA parents have to say:

“As a state-hopping military family, we have been a Montessori family for six years and look forward to the next six. RMMA is the best thing to happen to our family. The staff  are wonderfully encouraging and supportive, not only as educators, but as people. Our only wish is that high school curriculum would be developed before our kids age out. ”

-Heidi M., mother of 2 RMMA elementary students


“We love RMMA. My pre-primary student and toddler student have both learned so much.”

-Amy F., mother of 2 RMMA students


“Our sons have obtained a strong foundation in reading, math and writing by attending RMMA.  They have also learned great life lessons regarding respect, choices, responsibility and community.”

-Karey U., mother of 2 RMMA students


“RMMA has been exactly what our family has needed, right when we needed it. My daughter began her first grade year ‘behind’ in reading, and after one year the complexity of what she is reading shocks me. The best part is that she LOVES to read and to learn. My four year old was really needing structure and routine, as well as the responsibility of caring for his work and his tasks. He too is excelling. I couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness and the support of the teachers and staff, and for the Montessori environment. I love that RMMA is ‘child-centered’ instead of ‘system-centered’ or ‘teacher-centered’, and I love that my children are able to explore their own potential, developing naturally. RMMA is a huge blessing to us, and it will offer life-long benefits!”

-Heather R., mother of 2 RMMA students


“This was our granddaughter’s first year at RMMA and we could not be more pleased. The teachers and staff are nothing short of amazing. When they all know every child by name, you know they care. Our granddaughter’s vocabulary  increased tremendously. She is happy and stress free when we pick her up. RMMA has brought out the best in her. Since she has been attending RMMA her cognitive skills have also improved, and the 
fact that she picks up all her toys after playing with them is a small miracle in itself. I would challenge every parent if at all possible, to try Montessori for their child. There are many programs out there that mimic what RMMA is all about, but they all fall short. Here is to our second year. Can’t wait.”

-Veronica S., grandmother of an RMMA Pre-Primary student